The Balkan MED region lags behind EU average when it comes to innovations in SMEs. The reasons are many, mainly related to the lack of knowledge and limited SME’s access to tailored support, tools and better use of information and communication technology (ITC).

The project InnoPlatform aims to address these challenges by facilitating innovation and supporting the commercialisation of innovation in SMEs. It builds directly on the strengths of the region, (the existence of a strong entrepreneurial spirit), and capitalizes on the opportunities i.e. the relative high number of SMEs creation, and the EU initiatives for promoting entrepreneurship. At the same time it addresses the weaknesses associated with regional disparities (innovation-led vs. efficiency driven economies), and the high unemployment rates. With its actions the project directly mitigates the threats coming from the structural weaknesses and the brain drain.

Project main deliverables are:

Tools and Services

for improving the competitiveness of the region by advancing existing knowledge on business model innovations


Set of tools for supporting the successful introduction and implementation of innovations in SMEs


Services that will rank partner’s countries and compare the BM area with the EU providing information to policymakers, researchers, potential and present SMEs on current challenges in the area of the innovation potential


Services that will focus on partner's regions with an aim of providing services that support innovations in the dominant emerging industries – help the clustering in the industries.


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