Know how to identify, approach and solicitate Partners for your Innovation activities.



InnoPartners are the external knowledge and technology providers which fit the development and innovation activities of SMEs.

The sources of knowledge and technology cover:

Market Sources Clients or consumers Market and supplier research
Service firms
Competitors Competitor intellegence and colaboration through complimentary resources at the level of R&D and technology
Institutional sources Universities Capture knowledge from transfer technologies related to research activities, that can distribute directly in a cooperative mode or via publications and conferences
Other Higher Education
Research Bodies
Government Public sector agencies usually tend to act as strategic partners and intermediates, to assist collaboration between other various partners
Regional Authorities
Other Open Sources Business Associations To identify problems or find common areas of interest in order to incite the sharing of ideas and information
Professional conferences and trade fairs


For identifying and locating potential InnoPartners (knowledge and technology providers) in the BalkanMed region please search our InnoRegion/MarketPlace

For identifying networking events and conferences please search our InnoRegion/Networking Events

For identifying patent holders of technology and solutions required for your innovation activities please search WIPO and EUIPO databases.

Search International and National Patent Collections

Identification of Knowledge and Technology Sources

 Type of activities 
Internal Knowledge and Technology Sources

Applicable for Large Companies
self-sufficient innovation activities

Transfer of information and knowledge through the interaction of departments

organization departments
External knowledge and technology sources

Applicable for SME
Partnership and interactions close geographic proximity

within in the country


partnerships with public, semi-public, and private institutions
interaction between the manufacturer and end users
suppliers, providing feedback on the organization of production, logistics and other functions
inter-firm cooperation extends far beyond the relationships that develop between supply chain partners and even competitors
Exploring available sources of information
regular searches in patent databases
identification of  “white spots” in the patent landscape
monitoring of competitors

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