Astibo Basic

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Astibo Basic
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The fashion house “ASTIBO BASIC” is a successful family business grounded not only on the 30 years of experience in the field of textile industry of family SANEV. Passing through several development phases, ASTIBO BASIC today is well established middle sized company. It employs skillfull workers and has a substantial 17 years of production experience. ASTIBO BASIC is the only textile company specialized for production of heavy and half-heavy production program.

The products of ASTIBO BASIC are made by its own design with exceptional and exclusive quality named after the well recognizable brand “Astibo” – a trade mark protected on an international level by the Geneva Convention. The products of ASTIBO BASIC are placed on the domestic Macedonian market, but as well on the markets of the former Yugoslav republics: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania and recently Serbia and Monte Negro, and Australia.

Its development strategy the fashion house Beas-s sees through the constant conquering of the markets by cooperation with agents who will represent ASTIBO BASIC in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Germany. In order to achieve all this, new technological innovation like the CAD/CAM technology was implemented, hires highly professional skilled experts and consultants in the field of textile industry in order to achieve ISO standards as lasting goal of the business strategy.

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