Gluco is an innovative project of the start-up Inovation DOOEL.  It is an non-invasive solution for measurement and monitoring of the glucose level of patients. The experts of the Innoplatfrom’s Center of Excellence- CKM through the application of the InnoTools, helped the SME to clearly identify its development goals and set a strategy for increasing the revenue stream through introducing new products (Gluco) on the already developed software platform under the first product of the enterprise, ECG alert (picking up and sending ECG signals of patients and users to medical facilities).  The modification of the developed platform, identified the need to have knowledge partners from the Faculties of Information Technology in the country. CKM Experts and the SME approached the largest University SS Cyril and Methodious.  The collaboration is focused on making the current solution for data transfer through mobile networks more efficient by increasing the speed of the signals.  Project budget is estimated to around 400.000 EURs.  Gluco received 70% contribution from the National Fund for Innovations of North Macedonia.

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