JSoft Ltd. is an SME developing a SaaS-based system for managing data on children’s food in kindergartens and schools.  With the assistance from the Innoplatfrom’s Center of Excellence-BFU, and the InnoTools, the SME refined its main product/service offer.  The platform aims to manage the data about children’s food in kindergartens and schools, including daily menus, cooking recipes, ingredients, food delivery and stock on one side and monitoring children's attendance on the other side. The system aims to pay attention to public funds and parents' fees regarding children’s meals. A Web service was defined where all data are stored at municipality's server with purpose to track data from every kindergarten and school in the area. JSoft Ltd signed a memorandum for collaboration and an NDA with the University for joint work on the development of the platform. The estimated project budget is 43 000 EUR

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