Overnet DMD is a telecommunications network developer covering North Macedonia and the wider SEE region.  Innoplatform’s Center of Excellence-CKM with the application of the InnoTools assisted the enterprise in redesigning its business model and introducing new automated processes for managing and developing its resources. The focus of the development goals was placed on process efficiencies. The identified aggregate plan identified three important projects for Overnet DMD in the next three years: (1) reorganization of processes and introduction of an ERP solution to model the way of how value is delivered in the first year, (2) introduction of an experience laboratory for developing the new talent of telecommunication technicians in second year, and (3) production of innovative type of cable organizers for efficient field work in the third year.   The total budget of the project was estimated to around 200 000 EUR, while Overnet DMD got shortlisted for support from the National Fund for Innovations of North Macedonia in June 2019.

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