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1. Gardenias & Jasmines Ltd

Address: Nicosia Nicosia Map Directions
Phone: 9932671111
Gardenias and Jasmines Ltd, is a company registered and based in the Republic of Cyprus, with a vision of creating a number of online applications in order to hand down a love of nature and well-being to children and their parents. Join our team! » More Info

2. Lingvafan center for foreign languages and computers

Address: Skopje Skopski Map Directions
Phone: 38972987987

3. Burgas Free University

Address: 62 San Stefano Str., Burgas 8000, Yugoiztochen, Bulgaria Map Directions

4. Cyprus International Institute of Management

Address: 21 Akademias Ave., Nicosia 2151, Aglantzia, Cyprus Map Directions

5. European University of Tirana

Address: Tirana Tirana County Map Directions
Phone: +355672791229

6. BASME CT Ltd Skopje

Address: Skopje Skopje Map Directions
Phone: 0038923217446 Mobile: 0038970233867

7. Epitech

Address: Building 07 Tirana Business Park, Rinas Road, Tirana 1020, Albania Map Directions
Privately Endowed Graduate Educational Institution - This school is a member of IONIS Education Group » More Info

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